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Dr. Marr Newsletter May 24, 2011

Acupuncture treatment for traumatic and cumulative tennis injuries.

Valerie's Story:
So, there I was going to my first tennis tournament all excited. I forgot about what I now know is the most important thing. STRETCHING! I did not stretch before playing, and I regretted that for weeks. My ankle had been sprained. This put my tennis game down so low. I am finally recovering, and now I will always stretch. After I hurt my ankle, I went to Dr. Marr's office, where I began treatment on my ankle and then also after x-rays I found out I needed some adjustments on my lower back. Because of the little problem on my lower back, it had caused my ankle injury in a way. Now, every time I go to the clinic I leave feeling better and better every time. I cannot believe how tight my lower back muscles had been! After some adjustments and treatments though, I feel better than ever. And I learned that this adjustment can even help me become BETTER in my tennis game. Last, but definitely not least, I have learned to always stretch before any tennis game.

Dr. Marr Comment: There are two types of tennis injuries traumatic and cumulative. The one Valerie experienced was an ankle sprain, a traumatic tennis injury which happens suddenly. Most ankle sprains happen while running or jumping on an uneven surface. The foot rolls in or out and the ligaments are stretched, followed by pain and swelling of the ankle. After x-ray on Valerie's back I found that it was not just an accident, she was predisposed to an ankle injury due to misalignment in the lower back and hip.
Treating Ankle Sprains at home
Use RICE Treatment plan, which will work good for any pulls and strains
R - Rest - avoid physical activity involve your sprained ankle for 24 hours or longer
I - Ice - put ice wrapped in a thin towel to the ankle for 20 minutes. Do it every two hours in the first 24 hours and then at least once a day.
C - Compression - wrap the ankle with an elastic bandage, which will help preventing swelling
E - Elevation - raise the ankle above the heart

Treating Ankle Sprains at Marr Physical Medicine
We use ultrasound and heat pads for the ankle injuries and then Dr. Marr gently realigned affected region.

Ankle Sprain Rehab Exercises
Continue using an ankle brace to protect the joint from re-injury. One simple exercise is to draw the letters of the alphabet with your toes.

Other traumatic tennis injuries: muscle sprains and strains, wrist sprains, Achilles tendon rupture, torn rotator cuff, shoulder separation, hamstrings pull or tears.

Overuse injuries is another type of tennis injuries, which occurs over time due to stress on the muscles, joints and soft tissues without proper time for healing. They begin as a small, nagging ache or pain, and can grow into an injury if they are not treated early. Injuries that fall into this category include: tennis elbow, shoulder tendinitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, wrist tendinitis, Achilles tendinitis, osteoarthritis of the knee.

To prevent most of these injuries make sure you use proper stretching before you start your game, wear the right tennis shoes with skid-resistant soles, clean off courts before playing, stay hydrated, use good technique and play by the rules, get adequate recovery if you get injured, and visit your chiropractor to evaluate your overall back health as part of prevention any injuries.

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What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a treatment method that assists the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. This procedure is done by inserting very thin needles at precise acupuncture points. Heat and Electrical stimulation may also be applied over the needles to increase the effects of the acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture can also be done without needles  using the heat and electrical methods.
How does Acupuncture work?

According to the ancient Chinese theory, channels of energy called meridians run in regular patterns throughout the entire body. Meridians flow like rivers through the body to nourish the tissues. However, a disturbance in the flow of this energy can back up in part of the body like a dam and restrict it from moving. The acupuncture treatment restores the proper movement of this energy and allows healing of the corrupted tissue.

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Facial pain, TMJ syndrome, (Jaw pain)
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The Chiropractic Lifestyle
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